8-7-2017 Meeting Minutes



 Minutes August 2017

President – Latricia Johnson

  • Latricia called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
  • Motion by Juanita Jones, seconded by Debi Johnson, to dispense with the reading of the July 10 meeting minutes, unanimous
  • Grant program
    • Brett Patron will write a Walmart grant

Guard – Susan Forsgren

  • About half of color guard is new

Historian – Larry Madrigal/Melissa Madrigal

  • Preparing to take photos and post them on the website

Tri-M – Amy Olsen/Ellen Petko (absent)

  • Tentative meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month except 4th Monday in January and February
  • Officers are meeting Thursday to make the calendar


Band Director – Darren Kirsch

  • Every student came away with something from the Student Leadership meeting at THS
  • Band Trip to Disney
    • Right after midterm exams
    • Fly about 100 students
    • Stay in Disney and use Disney transportation
    • Cost more but more time in the park
    • Trailer take equipment down
    • Deposit probably 1st week of school
    • Airline will hold reservation for ten days
  • Competition dates now solidified
    • See band calendar on website
  • Seven more new students coming in
  • Where do we store the stuff currently stored in the trailers?
  • Parking lot is lined for band camp
  • Donations for Band Camp and Feed the Band go in Mr. Stone’s office
  • Drill and Dot cards posted this week
  • Parent Show is August 25
    • Meeting and sign ups 5:30
    • Show 6:30
    • Pool party 7:30-9:30 Windy Point Pool


1st Vice President – Erica Richards

  • July had 26 volunteers and a total of 247.4 hours

Equipment – Mark Fry – (absent) No report

Hospitality –Don Mann (absent)/Tara Bozick

  • SignUpGenius for cookies is coming

Uniforms – Debbie Frecker/Melanie Munn

  • Measurements at music readings and percussion camp
  • Drum Majors chose zip up flight suits and will buy patches to sew on
  • New uniform cards for bags contain care instructions and user information
  • Iron labels on concert uniforms during music readings

Chaperones – Beth Knox/Juanita Jones

  • Chaperone Google Doc form with dates for sign up on website
    • Will have laptops at the parent meeting
  • Collecting forms

Band Camp – Randy Tabor/Lynette Jacobs

  • Need more adults
  • Need Gatorade donations
    • Students prefer red and blue

Feed the Band – Al Knox (absent)/Rachel Nau

  • FTB meal forms are due for band camp by August 14
  • 78% of SignUpGenius slots are filled
  • Donations request is in the weekly band message

Decorations – LaDonna Armstrong – No report

Student Volunteer Hours – Dianna Mancill (absent) – No report



2nd Vice President – Tom Jones

  • Sweet Frog Fundraiser August 31, 3-10:00 pm

Concessions – Teresa Hass – no report

Spirit Wear –Kendall Fry/Karen Laporte

  • New shirts, hoodies, and T-shirt material hoodies, cowbells, totes
  • Selling every Wednesday, 3:30, by the band trailers during Band Camp
    • Take credit cards

Scrip (Gift Cards) – Michele Nelson

  • First order is September 12
  • Orders due the second Tuesday of each month
  • Can order online and on your phone

Fruit Sales – Martha Owens

  • Same company
  • Probably first few weeks of October

TAG Day – Wendy Hoegerman/Dawn Purdy/Tina Majewicz (absent)

  • Making areas smaller
  • TAG Captains are student liaisons between students and adults
  • Envelope prep is August 22, 5-9:00 pm during rehearsal
  • Will be at Parent Night
  • TAGathon August 18, 12-1:00 pm


Secretary – Gail Asher – No report

Webmaster – David Hoegerman (absent), No report

Data Entry – Debi Johnson

  • Met many new band students through Guidance office job
  • Directed them to the band website
  • Updating the roster
  • Sending out the weekly message
  • Click rate is about the same as last year
  • Two people said they didn’t receive the message
    • They didn’t type their email address on the student form correctly
  • Regular deadline for weekly message submissions is 7:00 pm Sunday
    • Earlier is better
    • Will email board if need an earlier submission
  • Looking for someone to learn how to use the MailChimp program as back-up

Remembrance – Laura Narney/Michele Nelson

  • Individual photos are August 31, 1-5:00 pm
  • Senior to Freshman order
  • Sibling photos

Publicity – Kathy Baba – No report


Treasurer – Mandy Thomas

  • Give reimbursement requests to Mandy or put in red box
    • Include name and committee with the receipt
    • Turn in within 30 days of purchase
  • Budget posted online
    • Vote for approval at Parent Meeting, August 25
  • Get a tax exemption form from Mandy before making purchases


New business

  • Gift for the Wisser Family from the band
  • Gofundme donation information on the band website
    • Set up by family


Next Meeting –  Monday, September 11, 7:00 pm

  • Parent Meeting Friday, August 25, 5:30 pm


Adjournment 8:00 pm