Why Join the Band?

Are you in middle school thinking of the days ahead in high school? Already in high school? Consider joining the band!



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The facts show students who participate in band have better grades, higher graduation rates, and higher attendance rates.  Why? Because its fun!

Brains on Band


Preparation for Life

We all want our children to experience a healthy, happy and prosperous life and to enjoy themselves in the process. There are certain mental tools which aid in this goal, and music is crucial in honing these tools:

Creativity. Music opens horizons of the mind and supports wonderment, imagination, appreciation, and sensitivity. Creativity is the source of possibility and is a mental muscle that must be trained and exercised often.

Communication. Music is a language beyond words. Music can only be explained with music because of its various styles, textures, tempos, and dynamics. Music truly stirs the soul of people. No words or visual display can come close to the emotional impact of music.

Critical Assessment. Music is one of the key areas where an individual can develop a consistency between intellectual and emotional understanding. Here is the chance to bridge the cognitive and affective data of life, which many feel is the recipe of genius. We can create formulas instead of just solutions, and we can be pro-active rather than re-active. We can open the mind and avoid tunnel vision – and in doing so, come up with discerning opinions which develop quality character.

Commitment. It is almost impossible to be “partially committed” to music. One may quit on a test, refuse to turn in an assignment, or just not be aware of what is going on in a lecture class, but the participation level in music requires a focus of attention unlike most subjects in school. Music causes one to learn persistence and the value of “not giving up,” even when there is the temptation to throw in the towel. Many have pointed to “stay power” as one of the greatest personal attributes in our society. Welcome to one of the key benefits of the study of music.

Excerpts from “The Value of Music” by Tim Lautzenheiser, Attitude Concepts for Today.