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Cookies for the Band

We need volunteers to bake or buy cookies. The Hospitality Committee provides cookies to the band with their dinner the second week of band camp. We also give students cookies on Feed the Band days and for bus trips to competitions. We have a goal of about 400 cookies to provide each date. It will take 11 people baking/buying 3 dozen cookies to pull this off each date. Let’s show our cookie skills!

Sign up here: Cookies Sign Up

Cookies should be brought to the band room on the date listed (we don’t want to attract critters) and placed in the cookie bin located under the cookie monster sign. Dropoff times are from 3-5 pm. Note: Remind your kids if they bring other cookies to school not intended for the cookie bin that they need to safeguard them well away from this bin and label them for the group they are intended. If you have any questions, please contact