The best part of the band is our Students! We are so proud of You!

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2017- 2018 Forms

FAQ: Band members need to fill out the Medical form, Fee Sheet and Student Information form every year (it’s the rules).  Print, fill out and bring with you to music readings and/or band camp!

Please read and sign the acknowledgement in the band handbook

Information about School Class Schedules
There is no good way to break up the classes because we have 3 different levels of Concert Band and the Course of Studies for YCSD only has 2 Band Class options. Please note the YCSD Class Schedule Title differs from Band Class Placement Title.

If your student is in Concert Band:
Schedule will have either Woodwind sectional (92341) or Brass sectional (92345).  This is where most of the rising freshman will be
If your student is in Symphonic band:
Schedule will have Concert Band (9237).  Includes rising freshman who auditioned and made the Symphonic Band
If your student is in Wind Ensemble:
Schedule will have Symphonic Band (9239).  Includes a few freshman who were placed into Wind Ensemble for instrumentation purposes
For some students:
Schedule will have a Percussion sectional (92343)