Uniform Policy

The uniform of the band is a symbol of the discipline and dedication of its members. To maintain this reputation, there are certain rules for wearing the uniform properly. These rules are meant to promote pride and respect in those privileged to wear it. For any questions please contact Debbie Frecker  or Melanie Munn.


The Marching Band Uniform consists of a marching RED jacket, RED Cape  and NAVY BLUE bibbers, black socks, and hat (all provided by the school), and marching shoes (provided by the parent).

  1. There will be no jewelry allowed. This includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, gauge earrings, etc. If the earring cannot be taken out, then it will be covered up with a band-aid.
  2. All long hair (hair below the collar) will be worn up as to provide a uniform appearance (this includes guys and girls). It would be very helpful if the hair could be up when you come to school to go to football games and/or competitions. The only exception to the long hair being up is when you wear the summer marching uniform (blue shorts, band T-Shirt, black socks, and marching shoes).
  3. No fingernail polish will be allowed.
  4. The marching band uniform will be kept at school. Students arrive at school early to get dressed into their uniform.
    • For football games, students will take their uniforms to Bailey Field and dress there. All students will return to GHS and leave their uniforms at the school, unless they have permission from Mr. Kirsch with a written note from the parent requesting they not ride back on the bus. In this case, and this case only, the student is to give their uniform to the chaperone on their bus so it can be put back in the uniform closet.
    • For competitions, students will dress into their marching band uniform at school prior to departure and will take off their marching uniform at school prior to going home. For every performance (football and competition), the student is to wear their band T-Shirt and shorts underneath their uniform. This causes uniformity and allows the student to dress in and out of the marching uniform easily.
  5. Students are responsible for all damages to uniforms that occur due to negligence. This includes dry cleaning if the stains are excessive from unnecessary events (such as spilled food or drink from the concession stand). The student is to notify the Uniform Mom if anything happens to their uniform so she can assess the damage and possibly fix it or tell the student what to do.
  6. There will be two uniform cleanings provided by the band. One cleaning will occur during the marching season and the other after the season is over. The band takes care of this. If, due to negligence it needs to be cleaned prior to the end of marching season, the parent is responsible for this.
  7. Every effort will be made to put your student in a uniform that fits, but the uniforms are not tailor made to fit. Hemming will be done by the uniform moms and a sewing committee.
  8. There is a fee ($15.00) on the York County School Student Fee sheet at the beginning of the year, which must be paid if your student is enrolled in a high school level band class. This fee goes to offset the cost of dry-cleaning the marching uniforms due to normal use (after marching season and in the summer).


  1. Concert Band uniforms will be provided by the GHBPA (Grafton High Band Parents Association) for each student.
    • Ladies will wear a long black concert dress. Shoes will not be provided for this uniform. They must be black closed toed formal shoes.
    • Gentlemen will be provided a pair of tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt, bowtie, and cummerbund. Black shoes and socks are not provided. Shoes must be black dress shoes. NO TENNIS SHOES WILL BE ALLOWED.
    • No jewelry will be allowed except stud earrings and/or class rings.
    • The only nail color, which will be allowed will be clear or very light pink. The nail appearance must be neutral, not colored.
  2. Each student will be assessed a uniform fee with Preparatory Course Fees of $25.00. This money will be used to purchase tuxedo shirts for the gentlemen and garment bags for the young women. It will also be used to repair or purchase new concert uniforms when the uniform is irreparable. This fee will be assessed each year. Each Concert uniform costs approximately $55.00. If the uniform is lost or not returned at the end of the school year, a bill for the lost garments will be assessed.
  3. All concert uniforms will be kept at home once issued for that school year. Students will come to school dressed in their concert uniform for all concert performances. The uniforms will be returned to school at the end of the school year cleaned. If playing at graduation, the student is to bring a change of clothing to the school, so they can change out of the concert uniform and leave the concert uniform at school.
  4. Every effort will be made to try to fit the student in a uniform that is close to their size, but the uniforms are not tailor made to fit. Hemming will be done by the uniform moms and sewing committee.
  5. Except for the tuxedo jacket, all concert uniform items (dress, tuxedo pants/shirts) can be washed. If the tuxedo jacket needs to be cleaned during the concert season, please have them dry cleaned.  Please keep the dress cleaned by washing it in the machine after each performance. DO NOT DRY THE DRESS in the dryer. Just hang it up to dry. If the tuxedo pants need to be cleaned during the concert season than can be washed.